Ban Khok Sanga king cobras village

In 1951, the local doctor Ken Yongla was the first who introduced the Cobra show to Ban Khok Sa-nga which draws a lot of people to the village. But with the dangerous fact that the cobra can spit its poison for two meters and caused blindness, Doctor Ken decided to conduct the show with teaching the specific skills to the villagers. The inheritance knowledge makes the village still famous from this cobra show until present which the villagers will organize after the harvest season aside from selling the local made herbal medicines. In the village, the snake show will be held at Wat Si Thamma consisting of different demonstrations include a snake dancing and snake boxing while King Cobra show historical exhibition and nursery are located nearby.

Credit: TAT
Address : Ban Khok Sa-nga, Tambon Sai Mun, Amphoe Nam Phong, Khon Kaen

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