Koh Rok

Dubbed as Mother Nature’s greatest accomplishment, Rok Islands’ glistening turquoise is so crystal clear that one can easily see colorful coral reefs down under, inviting us to take a plunge and explore an intimate, deep-sea experience that is just perfect for snorkeling. Bordering Krabi and Trang seas, the island was previously difficult to travel to and the result is the well-preserved, unspoiled nature.

Rok Islands contains two islands separated by a narrow waterway: Rok Nok and Rok Nai. The attention-grabbing sand dune, surrounding the waterway, has become every visitor’s ultimate snapshot of the voyage. The only human’s interference on Rok Island is the Ranger Station of Lanta Archipelago National Park that serves as a beachside residential area, restaurants and camping spot at Ban Sai Bay. It is also where tents and bedding gears are available for rents. The quiet Ban Sai Bay is also home to land hermit crabs, which allows visitors to engage in a contribution activity, “Land Hermit Crab’s Home” in which participants will leave empty shells on the beach so the crabs can make their homes out of them.

Noted that the best time to travel to Rok island is during November-April and that it will be inaccessible during May 16 to October 31 every year. Tour packages and day trips can be organized by local agents on Lanta Island.

Credit: TAT
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