Non Mueang Ancient Town

Taking the total area of 216 Rai, the ancient town is located at Ban Na Pho, 80 kilometers from Khon Kaen downtown. Legends say the hill known as Non Mueange was the location of an ancient town.

Archaeologists have found sandstone Sema boundary made in Dvaravati style in the town and nearby where the potsherds were scattered around. Some were painted in red, and some decorated with incising and cord-marked patterns. In the soil layer of the Dvaravati period (7-11th century), none of the funeral-related artifacts was found. So, archaeologists presumed that the funeral of this town changed after the arrival of Buddhism.

In deeper soil, more interesting historical evidence was found which reveals that there used to be a human settlement here since the late pre historic period. They discovered human skeletons dating back 2,500 years ago which funeral tools and utensils were buried together with the bodies.

The utensils found included pottery decorated with painted , incising and cord-marked pattern, bronze and animal-bone bangles, shells, colorful beads, as well as iron tools such as hoe, sickle, and animals bones including deer, barking deer, and various types of fish. These artifacts prove that people in this community lived on agriculture until the Lop Buri period (11-12th century).

Credit: TAT
Address : Amphoe Chum Chae, Khon Kaen

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