Phu Ruea High Altitude Agricultural Research Station

Located uphill in Phu Ruea national Park, the research station covers an area of 5,000 square kilometers and works together with local farmers to research and develop new economic crops such as macadamia, strawberries, passion fruit, potted and table plants and cut flowers as well as peaches, Chinese chestnuts, grapes, Chinese pears, macadamia nuts, strawberries, etc. The station also produces plant seeds, publicizes technology, and provides training for local farmers and concerned parties. The station is not merely a research center for educational purposes, but is also the hub for the exchange of technological knowledge and real-life experiences (local wisdom). Other responsibilities of the station include oversight of a wildlife sanctuary and welcoming visitors who come to appreciate the beauty of its ideal location and its activities. Lectures complete with a demonstration of flower gardening and ornamental plant plantations are also provided. 3-week advance booking is recommended.

Contact: Tambon Pla Ba, Amphoe phu Ruea, Loei 42160, tel. 0 4289 1398,0 4289 1199

Credit: TAT
Address : Amphoe Phu Ruea, Loei
Tel : 0 4289 1398, 0 4289 1199

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