It is a nature theme park, a tourism attraction, and is the most important animal breeding centre in Kanchanaburi. You can see a wide variety of animals for example, camels, tigers, lions, bears, elephants, deers, zebras, llamas, ostrichs, flamingos ,giraffes etc.

At the zoo you’ll get really close to a wide variety of animals. At the zoo they say “The only one site in the world”, where most notably with the giraffes you can clasp affectionately around the neck .The up-close-and-personal encounters with the giraffes, as well as with the equally friendly zebras, make for great photos.

After you‘ve enjoyed feeding the animals, You can walk to see the animal show, highlighting the intelligence of our elephants, and crocodiles. As a tourist you can feel the atmosphere of excitement. In addition, we provide places to give you excellent photo opportunities, as well as getting “up close and personal” with several animals for example, to sit on the elephant swing, to lie down and to hug a Bengal Tiger, to feed milk to a with young leopard – lion, and to feed the Macaw. We guarantee that travelling at Safari Park Open Zoo, you will surely impressed....

Time Open-Close
Open daily, not holidays, from to 5 pm.
Address : 40/2 Moo 5,Tambon Nongkum,.Bo Phloi District, Kanchanaburi 71160
Tel : 034 678225 , 086-3000667

Map :