Sala Mai Thai

ศาลาไหมไทย หรือ “อาคารเฉลิมพระเกียรติ 60 พรรษา มหาราชินี”ขอนแก่น
Located in Khon Kaen Vocational College, Sala Mai Thai is part of the project to celebrate the 60th birthday anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen (August 12, 1992) in which established to follow the Queen’s mission to promote silk and silk products from Isan (northeastern Thai) as well as conserve the traditions. The centre exhibits silk production process from dyeing to weaving, tools used in each process, rare equipment and ancient textiles various patterns. Also, the centre exhibits the world's most expensive Mudmee textile woven by villagers in Amphoe Chonnabot which had won Asian Silk Award.

Open daily from 8.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m.

Credit: TAT
Address : Mu 3 Tambon Chonnabot, Amphoe Chonnabot, Khon Kaen
Tel : +66 4328 6160

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