Islanda Eco Village Resort

Islanda Eco Village Resort was born from a sincere vision to craft a peaceful, comfortable resort, woven seamlessly into the natural and cultural tapestry of Klang island. Built in the style of a southern Thai fishing village, Islanda is infused with easy going, southern culture. The resort’s 30 stylish bungalows are spacious, simple, tastefully decorated and equipped with modern amenities.

A tranquil retreat for nature lovers, who can listen to the waves lapping and birds singing, breathe in refreshing sea air, and kayak along nearby mangrove forests with their fantastic birds and animals. The resort is also a haven for couples and families seeking insight and inspiration in Southern Thai culture.

Location :

Address : Islanda Eco Village Resort. Moo 3. (Koh Klang) T. Klongprasong A. Muang, Krabi 81000 Thailand
Tel : +66 89 614 2333, +66 89 616 2333, +66 83 636 7887, +66 75 631 770

Map :