Le Versace Restaurant Lounge Bar

Le Versace here’s a very thin and precarious line running between classy, tasteful décor and outright kitsch. The Versace, a French restaurant in Patong Beach, flirts with this line outrageously and manages – against all the odds – to come out on top. Still, many would say that Versace is way over the top and they’d be correct in the strictest term of the expression as it is the highest open-air restaurant in Patong.

The views out over the town and beach are spectacular and it’s definitely worth getting there for early evening when the golden rays of the setting sun reflect and almost animate the golden theme running throughout this unusual three-storey Vesuvian-like restaurant.

Address : 206/5-6 Prabaramee Rd Patong Beach Phuket 83150
Tel : +66 (0) 76 346 005, +66 (0) 836 341 411