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Imagine yourself dining in Taj Mahal Palace, the feeling is pretty much somewhere around there, you will find the authentic taste of India. For over 22years of experiences, “Tandoor” offers you such a taste! Say “No” to Indian fusion style which slightly adapt for Thai taste since here is the real one! Our “9journeythailand” will bring you with us trying Real Indian food together, located in Holiday Inn Silom.




The name “Tandoor” is derived from a clay oven, used in India for baking bread and roasting meat at high heat. Served you original dishes from Northern India where the taste is a bit less spicy than the food from Southern part.






The scent of India is all around, the decoration such as curtains, lamps, wood partitions and other furnitures were decorated perfectly in the relaxed ambience, make you feel like home. Refreshing yourself by enjoying the view from ceiling-to-floor windows during your meal, outdoor dining area is another great choice for a private party on your special day.




The star of the day is “grilled dish”, cooked in traditional Tandoor oven, offers varieties of seafood, chicken, lamb and mutton. Using homemade sauce, specific Indian spices and herbs, cook in a unique process in Tandoor until it gives a rich pleasing scent, which you cannot find in any other ways of cooking.


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“LASSI” (Salt, Sweet or Mango) – A smooth blend of yogurt, sugar or salt and spices (THB 110)


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“DAHI-PAPADI CHAAT” – Crisp fried dough wafers, coated with spicy yoghurt and fished with tamarind sauce (THB 130)




“BEMISAL BARRA-KEBAB” – Delicious lamb chops, marinated with herbs and cooked in the Tandoor (THB 400)




“TANDOORI MURG” (whole THB 625, half THB 325) – Spring chicken marinated with Indian spices, cooked in its own juice in the Tandoor

“MURG MAKHANI LABABDAR” – Tender pieces of barbecued chicken, simmered in satin smooth tomato gravy with a hint of fenugreek, enriched with cream (THB 375)




“CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA” – Barbecued chicken cooked in onion and tomato sauce (THB 375)


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“KADHAI MURG” – Chicken cubes tossed with red and green chillies , green pepper and homemade hot spices, in fenugreek rich onion tomato curry (THB 375)


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“GARLIC PRAWN MASALA” – Tiger prawns cooked in a traditional Indian wok with spicy peshawari herbs and spices (THB 799)




“ALOO GOBHI MATAR” – Potatoes, cauliflower and green peas tossed with tomatoes (THB 225)




“DUM KE BIRYANI” – A specialty from the royal kitchen of the Nizam: Vegetable (THB 225), Mutton (THB 450), Chicken (THB 350), Prawn (THB 450)




“NAAN” (PLAIN / BUTTER / GARLIC) – Indian breads of super fine flour (THB 75)




“KULFI FALUDA” – Indian version of flavored ice cream, served with vermicelli noodles garnished with pistachio nuts (THB 200)




“GULAB JAMUN” – A north Indian sweet made from home-made condensed milk, served in cardamom syrup (THB 200)

“GAZRELLA” – Traditional dessert from Punjab, made with carrots and dried fruits in sweet milk base (THB 100)




“INDIAN ADRAK CHAI” – A specially brewed combination of tea and milk with Indian herbs (THB 75)






“Tandoor”, the first Indian restaurant in Bangkok where opened in the hotel, executive chef from Northern India with years culinary experiences. Opened from midday to 2.30pm. and 6.30pm. to 11pm. daily. One of the best Indian cuisine in Thailand.




For more information:

Tandoor Restaurant

Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom, 6th floor

981 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Tel: +66 (0) 2 238 4300 ext. 4364


Edited by Patt Chan


Rating : 5:5
Price : Average THB 1,000 / person
Address : 981 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

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